Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday Ralston Creek Run

With snow moving in Saturday, I figured I'd better get out there for a run on Friday.

I took a break from work in the late afternoon to get some remaining daylight, but by the time got rolling on the trail I ended up running a good 30 minutes in the dark, and was the sole person on the path. With coyotes yipping nearby, dark underpasses, and woods everywhere, I appreciated the headlamp. So far the Black Diamond Sprinter is working out well, and I'm glad to finally have a rechargeable.

Distance was 9.37 miles, time 1:53 (moving 1:35), elevation gain/loss 280 feet, avg. pace 12:09 (moving 10:09), and best pace 8:24. Easy run.


  1. Funny, I just ran part of that last Wednesday as a demo for Spring Fever. Never been on that trail, but there are some nice parts. I saw a giant owl on the/a closed section. Really cool to see.

  2. Yeah, I heard a couple of owls on my run. Seems like they were staking out their territory.

    That's a nice trail, for when I feel like a flat run where I can get some distance. The best parts -- IMO -- start around Simms and go west. When it's not so muddy, the dirt social trails along the water are fun.

  3. Maybe by Wednesday this upcoming week you'll be able to see that trail again. Maybe.
    Great run!

  4. Jill - No kidding. This week is looking nice, but it's going to be a sloppy mess!