Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Matthews/Winters Run

Ever revisit a place you used to go, which is really cool, and remember why you liked it? Yeah... that was this afternoon's run.

I ran the hogback and associated terrain west of my neighborhood, at a park that I've run dozens of times and used to visit often, but have avoided recently mainly due to its popularity: Matthews/Winters. But running along rocky ridges is fun, what can I say.

Distance was 7.22 miles, time 1:48 (moving 1:26), elevation gain/loss 1,268 feet, avg. pace 15:00 (moving 12:02), and best pace 7:58.


  1. Okay, since I just got yelled at :) for not getting in enough vertical, and I am I not a trail runner, but I SO need to become one, you should blog where these trails are so I can get my hiney there. I'm going to go manic if I have to do all my trail running at Bear Creek until Leadville :). A Google map link for the vertically illiterate, perhaps.

    Pretty area....I think a friend was actually there the other day.

    I did venture out to Cheyenne Mt. today with Kathleen from Happy Trails. I almost died. :)

  2. Jill - I started a page for some of the local trails in Moderate Denver Trails (link in the upper right). I never got to the more difficult ones, but some of the trails definitely have vertical! Particularly the ones that go up into the hills do.

    All the Jefferson County parks are great (list and system map here), and the trailhead maps they provide are excellent (both the kiosks and the paper ones that are at the trailhead -- assuming they haven't run out that day). So much so that I miss them when I travel and run at other places.

    Deer Creek is on the south side. Mount Falcon too.

    1. Thanks, much!! I will check those out for sure. I have run Deer Creek and Falcon a couple times and love the maps (but my almost 50 year old eyes can't really read them - ha). I figure my entire Wed long run is just going to be spent in the car driving a long way to wherever, running, then driving a long way home. My kids will have to fend for themselves on Wednesdays :). Thanks!

  3. I don't care how crowded that place gets, I will always love running Matthews/Winters Park. Great pics!

  4. Jaime - Thanks. Definitely cool terrain up there.