Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday MJ Ski

Saturday was snowy and was forecast to be a powder day, but I avoid driving up if it's going to snow all day, unless I'm going to stay up there. I-70 can be a disaster. So I let it fall, and headed up on Sunday which was supposed to be sunny.

Since the snow was soft I hit mostly black trails again: Runaway, Trestle, Golden Spike, Riflesight Notch, Pony Express, etc. This is Sterling Way with windblown bumps:

This is the right side of Runaway:

Runaway is actually pretty steep. It's next to the double black/expert chutes through some large rock formations (see below), and shares the same hillside but with maybe a 40-degree pitch at most. I found it challenging.

The bottom of Riflesight Notch, which remained nice all day:

I am getting some good rhythm going on blue and blue-black bumps, can link turns on certain black bumps. Still stop and go on the majority of black bumps, but I'm making progress.

A fun day on which I was pleased with the way I skied. Pretty lame day in terms of duration, but my legs were toast from three days of decent running and running in the snow the prior day.

Grabbed a RyePA at The Library in Winter Park before I left town, which was great. I walked it off before getting behind the wheel.

But there was a concert of some kind going on, and traffic was a disaster in the middle of town, with a 2-mile line of cars heading into town from the north. What a cluster, having a concert on one side of the street with no parking, so pedestrians were forced to cross and block traffic for miles. I ended up getting stuck in it and hit I-70 too late (3:30 PM) and had to deal with the usual rogue's gallery of possibly inebriated tailgaters and speeding lawbreakers. I'm surprised traffic is still so heavy late in the season. Maybe skiers are starved for snow.

Distance was 15.21 miles, time 4:10 (moving 2:47), elevation gain/loss 8,159 feet, avg. speed 3.6 mph, and max speed 29.0 mph.


  1. My boys went skiing yesterday and said the same thing about the I-70 cluster. I agree that the late season snowfall has brought out the masses. I'm glad I don't ski :).

    Beautiful pictures!!

  2. Looks like you found some good snow!

  3. Danni - Saved by late season storms. Phew.