Friday, March 15, 2013

Thursday North Table Mtn Run

After 10 days of skiing or running in a row, I was feeling a bit burnt out on this run. I just didn't have the climbing legs to speak of, and at some point just started taking it easy and enjoying the scenery.

Maybe I need to take these times to try to push through it, but I've been running more recently and I don't want to overdo it and hurt myself heading into the spring. Runs have been more frequent and longer, but still easygoing.

Distance was 8.83 miles, time 2:03 (moving 1:34), elevation gain/loss 1,208 feet, avg. pace 13:57 (moving 10:42), and best pace 6:55.


  1. T - And, I was standing in awe while watching it unfold above me :) Free entertainment.