Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday North Table Run

A run around North Table Mountain in Golden. Took a break from work but still ending up running a half hour in the dark by headlamp. Yay, headlamp.

The north side is a muddy mess. Don't run there yet unless you like muck. And don't ask me how such an exposed area still has snowpack on it, but as I was running I'm thinking this may be good for avoiding spring wildfires.

Distance was 8.75 miles, time 1:42 (moving 1:29), elevation gain/loss 1,166 feet, avg. pace 11:40 (moving 10:13), and best pace 7:07.


  1. I was at Bear Creek on Wed and it was horribly muddy; I had to run through the creeks just to get 9" of mud off my shoes.

    Looking at those pictures reminds me just how thick in the middle of winter we brown.

    You might need those snowshoes this weekend!! :)

  2. Recreation this time of year definitely requires some creativity.