Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Local Ride

I let my running legs and feet rest today, and did a short ride with a time limit, on streets and trails in the neighborhood. I made it up to the mountain and pushed my bike uphill so I could ride down the spine of one of the ridges. A short stretch of incline on otherwise sedate outing.

Clouds were the subject today. Well, they are most days, but especially today.

A while back I speculated that these tracks were caused by one of these pups, and today I saw a young coyote at dusk trotting downhill for dinner, and I would bet money it was one of those scrawny pups. It's strange getting to know certain wild animals; otherwise, wildlife tends to become an anonymous crowd, where each animal is interchangeable. I find it fascinating when it's not like that.

Distance was 8.03 miles, time 1:02 (moving 55:54), elevation gain/loss 829 feet, avg. speed 7.7 mph, and max speed 24.6 mph.

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  1. I ran at Deer Creek yesterday and to occupy my mind (and get if off the mountain lion warnings - yikes), I watched those crazy clouds. I agree, they were fascinating how they constantly changed form.

    I keep seeing large animal prints in the snow. I kept praying they were from a dog and not the lion. I have a huge fear of seeing a mt. lion when I'm out there alone. I really don't relish being lunch for one. I run into coyote at CC Park a lot, they are always harmless but one instance I was cornered by 3 on a trail and that was a tad freaky. I tiptoed backwards, then ran a PR on that trail when they were out of sight.