Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Galbraith Double Lollipop Run

Mount Galbraith is a smaller hiker-only park in the Jefferson County system, and I think if you run an out-and-back on every trail it's a little over 7 miles. There's a loop at the top, and two trailheads at lower elevations. I essentially ran a lollipop from each trailhead, doing the summit loop twice.

My concept of what's a daily run has evolved, such that I have gradually added on trail segments to my usual runs so that I'm getting as close to 10 miles as possible. It doesn't always happen, but runs are getting a little longer and more ambitious.

I'm posting 18 photos from a daily run after work, which I've done countless times before. But I like these trails, what can I say?

These are the first wildflowers I've seen this spring:

Distance was 9.51 miles, time 2:41 (moving 2:06), elevation gain/loss 2,179 feet, avg. pace 16:59 (moving 13:19), and best pace 8:20.


  1. Still need to run this hill - I bet it is quieter then the others in the area.

  2. Peter - Definitely more sedate, especially if you use the upper lot off Golden Gate Canyon Road. The lower TH is on a residential street (but you can park along the street). Marginally more traffic and more dog walking, that's about it.

  3. I bet most of that snow is melted just since you ran it last....crazy weather went from frigid winter to blazing summer in the course of 2 days. LOVE the wildflower pics - gorgeous! Nice job on the run, it looks like a tough course (aka: I need to get out there and do it sometime :)).

  4. Jill - Thanks, yeah it's definitely a test of the legs.