Saturday, April 6, 2013

How About A 'Healthy Contract Act' Instead?

Democrats are eroding our freedom from the economic side, and Republicans are eroding our freedoms from the personal side (and often economically too). What's an Objectivist or libertarian to do?

The GOP's love of moral and legal dogmatism is on the march again, this time in North Carolina where a bill called the "Healthy Marriage Act" was introduced to require a two-year waiting period and counseling before the government decides to let you dissolve a marriage contract.

Of course, trying hard is a good thing, but that's beside the point. This would be the government forcibly interfering with your right to contract (or not).

This nonsense is why some Objectivists and libertarians like me often vote Democrat.

Voluntary contracts -- which is redundant, but I'm emphasizing here -- are at the heart of free markets and a free and just society, and so is the right to dissolve a contract without interference from government or other citizens. It's not the government's job to hinder the right to contract or not. So much for the GOP supporting freedom or free markets.

There's also nothing "healthy" about government forcing you to stay together when things are not working out. It's absolutely none of the government's business. And it doesn't matter whether Christian Republicans think it's good or not. It's not their life.

This is no surprise, but the GOP writ large no longer has any concept of what the proper purpose of government is.


  1. The absolute irony of the NC marriage meddling is that you can meet a person at a bar and go get married the next morning.

  2. Ha! No kidding. Damn, that'll probably be in a bill introduced next week.

  3. Is the G going to pay for the counseling?

  4. Danni - Funny they didn't mention that, and somehow I don't think the good people of North Carolina want to pay for it either.

  5. "Allran told WRAL that he might add exceptions for domestic violence and abuse as the bill heads to its first hearing in committee."
    Yeah, you *might* want to think about stuff like that, too.

  6. Mike - How generous of them. I wonder if zealots are going to start picketing and shooting divorce lawyers.