Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday White Ranch Rawhide x 3 Run

Another day of waking up thinking I might ski, and not doing it. That's about the fifth time, so I'm declaring myself officially neurotic.

This run was basically 3 laps on Rawhide trail, a hilly 5-miler at the top of White Ranch Open Space. Without running super hard, I simply tried not to get slower each time, and was fairly successful although I was nauseous towards the end.

Distance was 15.14 miles, time 3:27 (moving 3:02), elevation gain/loss 2,626 feet, avg. pace 13:44 (moving 12:03), and best pace 7:00.

I think that 7-minute pace was on the last lap, when I was trying to gain some time before the last climb, which is the toughest. Some people I passed for the third time must have thought I was Superman. Let 'em think it.

But good thing they didn't see me crawling on all fours up that last hill.

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