Monday, April 1, 2013

Steamboat Day 3 - Tuesday 3/26

Tuesday was to be a mostly sunny day, and the real beginning of the softening of the snow from the weekend. The sun about to rise:

It would also be my sister and her family's last day in town, so my brother and I took the morning off to hang out with them at the hotel pool.

After lunch, we skied Burgess Creek (Whiteout) and the Storm Peak lift. The wind sock was totally shredded on Storm Peak:

Tim and I skied the bumps and trees off Buddy's run. The aspens were already a wreck, as they had re-frozen a little the prior night. Sunshine would come and go.

From the balcony as the moon rose:

We watched the groomers go by, do their work on the terrain park just above us, and I tried to get a decent shot of one in action, but never did.

Distance was 17.56 miles, time 2:48 (moving 2:04), elevation gain/loss 11,410 feet, avg. speed 6.3 mph, and max speed 30.0 mph.


  1. That pool picture is one of my absolute favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jill - Good, I wrestled with whether to even post that one, as I tend not to post family pics on the blog, and therefore thought of just dropping the pool visit altogether.