Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Steamboat Day 5 - Rest - Thursday 3/28

Thursday was a day off from skiing. Instead, we banged around town and went to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

To start off though, I went for a run on the Yampa River Core Trail. The resort side is a little close to Highway 40, but it was a beautiful morning and it was nice to see how trashed the legs were from prior days of skiing. A bit stiff, but not too bad.

I would have liked to make it to town, but time was short and so I turned around at a spot where lots of ice had formed across the trail. Some day I'll run or bike the entire 7 miles.

Distance was 7.06 miles, time 1:26 (moving 1:15), elevation gain/loss 151 feet, avg. pace 12:17 (moving 10:43), and best pace 7:47.

After some shopping we ate lunch at Steamboat Smokehouse. I had the fattier brisket sandwich, and it was fantastic. Good beer selection too, I had a Ranger IPA.

In the afternoon, we went to the hot springs, which are north of town about 3 miles, with 2 miles being on dirt road. It's interesting that a bunch of folks were enjoying hot water that was simply coming right out of the mountain. This had to have been going on for a long time, if not by people, then wildlife.

From above, the springs look kind of like a Hollywood set for one of a Planet of the Apes movie... in a good way. The walls were boulders and were surrounded by paving stone patios, with seating built into the hillside from stones. There was a cabin for changing clothes, and restrooms above.

Quite the democratic crowd there. All economic strata, all colors and shapes. Who doesn't like a giant natural hot tub? A literal melting pot.

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