Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sunday Mount Morrison Long Run

Sunday was long run day. From Estes Street in Lakewood, along the Bear Creek path, to the top of Mount Morrison in Morrison, and back.

Not much to say, except the powers-that-be unlocked some of the water spigots at Bear Creek Lake Park, so there's water along the route! Spring is here.

Algae along the irrigation ditch next to Morrison Road:

Distance was 20.96 miles, time 5:41 (moving 4:18), elevation gain/loss 2,791 feet, avg. pace 16:13 (moving 12:19), and best pace 8:30.


  1. T - Funny, I was thinking "gee, I wonder if you should put a description on this picture". It's algae in the irrigation ditch along Morrison Road, spurred into action by the warm weather. But it looks like the beginnings of life on Earth billions of years ago.

  2. I too was wondering what the green stuff was. I was contemplating it was something that came up out of you after putting up that monster session.

  3. GZ - Wasn't eating lime Jelly Belly beans that day. I like that route, it's my mini version of the Plains to Bear Peak run.