Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Off To The San Luis Valley

After many times passing the Great Sand Dunes, I decided to finally visit them. So I took off to Alamosa in preparation to view what I fully expect to be huge piles of sand.

Goal number one: lunch at Amica's in Salida. Check!

Mount Princeton from right off US 285:

As I passed the Crestone Group of the Sangres, I thought of my scary but epic day on Kit Carson Peak.

After a solid number of running days, I took Thursday and Friday off due to some patellar pain and other plans. Such pain is usually due to bad form, so I must have messed up.

So after I got into Alamosa I tried a run at Alamosa Ranch, and passed a trio of the creepiest derelicts in track suits ever. Think leering-fresh-out-of-federal-prison-for-rape creepy. Hey, look at runner guy showing some leg! Yeah, baby!

Then it got dark, and I saw the fun signs with three examples on how to properly repel your mountain lion during its daily attack.

Between not knowing the safety of the neighborhoods and the trails, I retired to San Luis Brewing and had an IPA and a snack instead. Really good IPA, and good bartender, despite the loud live music (am I the only who wants to keep their hearing intact?). You know the kind of server that picks up the slack for everyone else? Good tip.

Tomorrow is dune day. Not sure how much running will be involved if any, but one thing is certain: my shoes will be full of sand, and my camera full of images.


  1. Of all the Colorado Mountains, the "Bloods" are my favorite. I love the wild mix of rocks- like the crazy conglomerate in the Crestones. Check out the Little Bear-Blanca-Ellingwood traverse, and go sight-seeing (or rock climbing) in Penitente Canyon. So many cool places to explore down there.


  2. Looking forward to the Dune pics!

  3. Mike - Hmm, and so sayeth Woody Anderson today when I saw him while running up Mosca Pass trail across from the dunes! Small world. He was there with his family for the long weekend. I'd better deliver.

  4. Nice pic of Princeton. Let's see the sand.