Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunday Bear Creek To Mount Morrison

It was warm on Sunday, probably my warmest run of the season. This was my third time doing this loop. This time it was roughly 9.5 miles to Mount Morrison, then a 4-mile round trip hike to the top, then 8.5 miles back to my car. Basically Wadsworth Boulevard to the top of Mount Morrison and back.

I totally bonked on the mountain this time. Other than that, a good run.

My tree bridge near Wadsworth; more fun than the sidewalk crossing:

On the mountain, about halfway up:

I don't think I had enough to eat before attempting this, because by the time I had hiked halfway I was feeling fatigue in my legs that seemed to sap strength from the rest of my body. I thought it was fine, just fatigue from skiing, and pressed on. I stopped to eat a bar, but with the heat and effort, my body didn't process it.

I would call this the "crux" of the hike, looking up a steep rock gully that I typically use some easy handholds to climb:

Another steep spot just above the last:

Looking back down near the top:

Aliens will hatch from this any day now:

By the time I got to the top, I was a lightheaded, nauseous mess. I sat and rested. I had a couple more bars with me, and I figured as long as I could get the stomach going again, I'd be fine. I walked slowly back down, and only felt normal near the bottom.

Only six miles to go, feeling tired but normal again:

This small snake was more interested in warm pavement than escaping from me:

Distance was 22.28 miles, time 6:07 (moving 4:44), elevation gain/loss 2,828 feet, avg. pace 16:29 (moving 12:47), and best pace 6:48.

The heat was a factor mainly because of water consumption and because I just can't seem to climb steeps in the sun -- at all. It just knocks me out. Thankfully there are water faucets throughout Bear Creek Lake Park, but I need to stock up on water in Morrison for the trip up the mountain next time. I keep running low.

Need to eat more, possibly get some gels for this kind of outing. Solid food works fine on low-speed flats and downhills, but not so much on uphills or at higher effort levels.

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