Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Bear Creek Bug Chase

I wanted to run something flat on Friday, and that pretty much means plains paths or river singletrack. So, in spite of the hordes of mosquitoes chasing me, I ran at Bear Creek Lake Park. It gave me one more reason to keep running, rather than fool around: if I stopped, bugs started sucking my blood.

I still found a way to fritter away 20 minutes taking pictures and being eaten alive. I use bug repellent, but these bugs seem to enjoy DEET. They probably mix DEET with rum and Coke for happy hour, before going out to bite people like me.

Distance was 8.29 miles, time 1:49 (moving 1:28), elevation gain/loss 651 feet, avg. pace 13:11 (moving 10:43), and best pace 7:27.

The sore right heel was bothering me a little, but I lifted my foot off the ground sooner and it gradually felt better. I have a feeling I've been landing on my right foot a little too hard, and maybe forcing it to bear weight for too long during my stride. I need to even things out.

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