Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Sunglasses Recovery Ride

Since I fell and lost my sunglasses on Thursday near dusk -- and couldn't find them -- I decided to get up early before work and ride my bike to re-trace my steps, to see if I could spot them in the light of day. I woke up too late for the AM, but managed to get over to the trail during my lunch break. I didn't have much hope that my $130 shades would still be out there, but you never know. It was worth a try.

It took about 15 minutes to get to the parking lot, and I hopped on my bike and rode back along my path at North Table Mountain. I didn't see anything, but rode to the point where I am absolutely sure I still had them, then turned around.

When I got to the point I thought I had fallen, I slowed down on my bike, scanning the grass on the sides. And after about 20 feet, there they were!! They were suspended in mid-air, caught in the tall grass about a foot off the ground, and not very obvious to the eye that isn't looking for them. Thank goodness. I was totally amazed. That was a short lunch outing that was well worth it.

Distance was 3.36 miles, time 19:55 (moving 18:20), elevation gain/loss 195 feet, avg. speed 10.1 mph, and max speed 19.0 mph.

Shortest ride ever, but the best financial return on investment. And proof that perseverance can pay off.

No run in the evening, since A) the weather was terrible: wind and lightning, B) I was tired, C) I need to get to bed early so I can get out early on Saturday. My third day off this month, but that's OK, it's a solid month and it's not over.

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