Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Bear Creek Lake Park Run

A hot and buggy lap around the lake. Monday's run was in the mosquito-inflicted Bear Creek basin and around Bear Creek Lake. There's also something in the air that's driving my nose and eyes crazy; it may be the Russian Olives, which are blooming right now. Either way, this run was a lot of itching and sweating. This is uncharacteristic, since Colorado usually makes me feel like I am in a bug-less, allergy-less paradise.

However, better to itch and sweat in a beautiful park next to the Rocky Mountains, than on concrete paths or sidewalks. I can't complain too much.

Distance was 8.46 miles, time 1:55 (moving 1:37), elevation gain/loss 385 feet, avg. pace 13:42 (moving 11:30), and best pace 8:04.

I ran in the Altra Superiors again. Still a little loose, and I noticed some of the plastic wrap scrapes my calf if I happen to let my heel hit the opposing leg. However, I just laced them up tighter and they kept on humming. I can trim the plastic if I need to. May remove the strings on the sides; the last thing I need is one more thing to catch on a stray branch. However, I like the feel and ride of these shoes.

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  1. Pics awesome and the write up is great. would love to have the mountains in my backyard. Rock it.


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