Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday Divide Shuffle - Part 2 - West Side

For part 1, see previous post. After turning around at Mount Flora and running back down to the parking lot, I changed shoes (new shoes, heels getting rubbed) and headed up the west side of Berthoud Pass, on a ridiculously steep trail -- really more of a drainage channel with some log "steps" on it (chuckle).

And for whatever reason, this side had much more snow, and consequently more runoff and mud. Thankfully after this talus and snow, the "trail" became more of an actual trail, and leveled off briefly.

I remember thinking about the Tour Divide bike race, and wondering "they ride this??" but after looking at the map when I got home, I realized they don't really follow the Continental Divide Trail. Silly me. Because, this would be one crazy bike haul.

The steep part of the climb ends at the top of this outcropping, which has switchbacks on the front, so I was able to run intermittently:

I took a moment to rest as I shot this photo halfway up. What an amazing place:

On top, it was cornices of snow and fairly dry conditions on a good-quality trail.

My camera battery died, so the last two shots are from my iPhone:

Then my iPhone died, which it tends to do in chilly winds.

Distance was 15.32 miles, time 6:14 (moving 4:00), elevation gain/loss 4,338 feet, avg. pace 24:24 (moving 15:41), and best pace 8:17.

Elevations between 11,290 and 13,140 feet.

Afterwards walking around Winter Park, my legs didn't feel much abuse, a sign that I might be acquiring some toughness. They were quite fatigued, just not sore or stiff.


  1. I'd love the hike the CDT. So many beautiful sections of trail.

  2. Danni - Really the first time in five years of being here I've aimed at actually being on this trail, though I've passed over a couple of sections. The high terrain is fantastic.