Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Bear Creek Path

A longer run was in order after a few shorter outings recently, and the lack of a long run on the weekend (even though Sunday was intense in its own way).

After a couple of miles of warm-up, I just cranked at a steady pace for 12 miles with a few minor slowdowns. Only four photo stops in 12 miles. Hard to believe.

This is about the 2nd time I've ever posted a vertical-format image, but you just can't squeeze this into a horizontal format:

As I was running up the dam road, a group of road bikers went by, some kids and one adult, like a road bike club for children. A 10-year-old (thereabouts) girl was just cranking uphill in step with the adult, while the rest of the kids were 20-30 yards behind. Girl, you may have a future in cycling.

Distance was 12.15 miles, time 2:22 (moving 2:02), elevation gain/loss 449 feet, avg. pace 11:44 (moving 10:03), and best pace 6:59.

10-minute pace is not that great for someone who can really run, but it is for me, considering the hills and all.

My cap was totally drenched in sweat, and dripped when I leaned over. It must have been humid (by CO standards anyway), because that does not usually happen.

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