Friday, June 21, 2013

Thursday South Table Run

On Thursday I ran on top of South Table Mountain to get some flat miles away from the bugs and plants of the river basins. I hiked the ascent to take it easy on my heel/tendon.

Slow warm-up start, then pretty strong, then my heel was whispering "slow down", so I took it easy and shot photos of the sunset and jogged it in slowly.

The cactus flowers were opening all over, so I got some pictures of them.

Overhead, firefighting aircraft were still shuttling back and forth to the Lime Gulch Fire, and the western sky was yellow/orange and misty-looking from the stray smoke.

Distance was 12.15 miles, time 2:39 (moving 2:09), elevation gain/loss 916 feet, avg. pace 13:07 (moving 10:39), and best pace 7:35.

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