Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Belmar Park Walk

Monday was a day off due to a sore heel (near the base of the Achilles tendon), a product -- I suspect -- of unusually steep uphill treks on Saturday, tight calves, combined with a 30-mile weekend total. The heel caused me to walk like a gimp on Monday, but on Tuesday was back to my normal walking gait and almost went running. However a few jogging steps after work changed my mind, and after three weeks without a break, I guess I'm due to rest anyway. I'll check it again on Wednesday.

These photos are from Belmar Park in Lakewood, with several ponds, lots of water birds, and nice views of the mountains.

Distance was 1.62 miles, time 45:10 (moving 31:00), elevation gain/loss 53 feet, avg. pace 27:50 (moving 19:06),

I saw a Great Blue Heron and a couple of small Snowy Egrets in one of the side ponds, and tried to get a close-up but they were too wary of me. The egrets in particular were amazing, stealthy like creeping statues, a shocking white, with the plumes off the back of their heads. Birds love this park.

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