Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Van Bibber Park Run

After a foggy and rainy morning, the afternoon evolved into a hot and humid time. Skies were amazingly blue, and it was amazingly warm. I found myself wishing for clouds.

Distance was 8.36 miles, time 1:48 (moving 1:36), elevation gain/loss 377 feet, avg. pace 13:00 (moving 11:30), and best pace ~9:00.

Lest readers think I'm a total GOM*, amid the plethora of off-leash dogs against park rules today, I had a dog encounter on the flip side. A guy was walking his Border Collie, who was obviously nervous and prone to defensiveness, on a very tight leash. As I ran downhill I slowed and walked by them, and the dog was tense and squared off at me with a freaky stare. The owner kept his grip. Our exchange went something like:

  • Me: (joking) I think it wants to herd me.
  • Him: (almost with a sigh) No, he's just a little crazy (thinking I said "hurt me")
  • Me: (laughing) No, I mean like herding sheep.
  • Him: Oh, heh (relaxing into a smile) yeah.

I have friends who have Aussies, and I know herding dogs can be a bit of handful, even when they're normal, and I've had my share of neurotic pets. It's not easy to care for a demanding pet, and I appreciate his control of his dog for my sake. Some days these small things make my run.

* Grumpy Old Man

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