Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wednesday Ralston Creek

A short run before a late happy hour at the new Mountain Toad Brewing in Golden, CO. Excellent beer. I can't believe there are now three really good microbreweries in Golden, CO, the home of the gigantic Coors brewery.

There's still flooding on Ralston Creek:

Running-wise, it seems like I'm close to done with the plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis after two weeks. No hill running, calf rolling on foam, stretching, running at a really easy pace. Last time I had heel issues I ran in minimalist shoes, but the prescription seems to be the same: run easy and keep loose.

Distance was 6.59 miles, time 1:14 (moving 1:09), elevation gain/loss 169 feet, avg. pace 11:17 (moving 10:36), and best pace 8:08.

The Barn Swallow that has been visiting the apartment every spring for the last five years brought a mate along the last two years. While I welcomed the bird at first while solo, the prospect of a nest and the related mess didn't seem like a good idea, so I tried to discourage it (starting last year). But after repeated attempts this season, I relented on the premise that this bird trusted me (or at least thought I was not a threat), and if I had a problem I should have repelled it five years ago, not now after it's trying to start a family. Apartment management can decide what to do if they so choose. So, I have three chicks in a nest on the landing outside (one chick's beak is visible):


  1. I hope those babies don't chirp your ear off at 4am every morning like the ones in my spruce tree outside my bedroom window - so annoying (I wear ear plugs the past couple weeks).

    Glad to hear the foot pain is subsiding. I dealt with that for a solid 2 years...wasn't until I changed shoes to a minimalist and changed my foot strike to a mid-foot plant, did it finally go away (oh, and strengthened my abductors on that side). There's a great article on PF and AT on It's definitely painful.

    Happy 4th!

  2. Jill - Thanks, you too. Darn birds. Ear plugs are a way of life for me, just sleep better.

    The PF is minor and is my fault for not keeping the legs loose while ramping up volume. If I relax the muscles that pull on the affected area, it just goes away.


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