Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Crown Hill Park Run

This was not a day I really craved running, to say the least, but I made the motions and got out onto some trails and paths. It was short, and was dominated by a crazy, stormy sky that barely held back from drenching me.

I pestered this Blackbird chick to get its photo, in exchange for the indignity of being dive-bombed by Blackbirds for my entire running career.

Be gone, human devil!

Rain clouds were moving in over the lake the entire time, but magically dissipated before striking park users dead with lightning, or getting us wet.

A "tiny" jet flying around cumulonimbus:

Distance was 5.37 miles, time 1:22 (moving 59:47), elevation gain/loss 62 feet, avg. pace 15:19 (moving 11:08), and best pace 8:07.

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