Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Bear Creek Park/Path Run

This is a suburban park on the west side of Denver, but you'd never know it if you take photographs from the right spots.

I ran Stone House trail with its three creek crossings. I walked across the fallen tree outbound on crossing #2, but waded the rest. The water was below the knee at its deepest. Right now the shoes are in the bathtub after being washed out.

Park crews have been cutting down Russian Olive trees, maybe in reponse to Vladimir Putin trying to become the Teddy Roosevelt of Russia. Eeech.

Anyway, after they got done clearing out the brush, I realized I had no idea there had been a sinuous pond hidden in the trees:

I climbed the massive Mount Carbon on this run, and opted not to rope up for this particular summit (it's a gentle, 250-foot hill). But seriously, I can't complain about the view, and consider myself lucky to have these trails a few miles from home.

I donned the headlamp when it got slightly dark because, well, I'm old. And it helped with the creek crossings on the way back.

Distance was 9.50 miles, time 1:56 (moving 1:41), elevation gain/loss 557 feet, avg. pace 12:17 (moving 10:42), and best pace 5:45.

Wait, 5:45? No way. I didn't go below 8:00 pace on this run. In fact, I could not attain 5:45 pace unless I was falling out of an airplane.

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