Sunday, August 4, 2013

Saturday Pence/O'Fallon Parks Run

20 photos for a post about an 8-mile run. But that's how I roll.

For the first time, I followed the uphill trail up from Pence Park parking lot in Indian Hills. I'd seen this a few times and asked Jim P about it on one of his posts, but had never actually set foot on it.

The trail is not on any map that I can find, but it's all within Pence Park and it leads to a fun rock outcropping high above the road. On cold legs, this steep trail would have really strained my Achilles tendon and heels, so I hiked a good deal of the uphill. There's nice terrain variety, rocks, forest, some aspens at the top.

Then I crossed the road for some running at adjacent O'Fallon Park.

The point in the middle is the high point of the Pence Park trail:

This snake was warming on the sandy trail and didn't seem to want to move.

Hello, snake. Why so serious?

I tailored my run by the incoming storm, and it started to rain lightly by the time I returned to my car.

By the time I got home, it was raining in buckets, with huge pools of water being sprayed into the air by passing vehicles.

Distance was 8.76 miles, time 2:51 (moving 2:04), elevation gain/loss 2,157 feet, avg. pace 19:33 (moving 14:12), and best pace 8:01.

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  1. I was wondering if you went out this morning on that run an how the trails were so dry after yesterday's torrential rain, but then saw it was actually yesterday you ran :).

    I'd have run to Utah if I ever got close enough to see a snake's eyeball.

    Great weekend run :).