Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Bear Creek Run

A run on Stone House trail and then around Bear Creek Lake. Stone House runs along the creek through the woods, parallel to the paved path.

I did the 3 creek crossings each way for added fun, and then washed my shoes when I got home. The water is only moderately high now.

The mighty Mount Carbon soars 125 feet above the lake:

Snake of the day: another Gopher/Bull Snake. After seeing a couple now, I still mistake them for rattlesnakes in the heat of the moment, but the Gopher Snake is more black and yellow than the neutral gray of the Prairie Rattlesnake.

The incoming rain showers felt good. Just light rain.

After several years of running through the park from the outside via the path, I thought it was time I put my money where my feet are, and get a pass. Technically it's not necessary unless you drive through the gate, but I use it and want to help pay for it. Other than Green Mountain in Lakewood, I probably use this park more than any other.

Yeah, it's a calendar year pass, which isn't ideal, but I consider it a donation.

Distance was 15.12 miles, time 2:53 (moving 2:35), elevation gain/loss 734 feet, avg. pace 11:29 (moving 10:19), and best pace 7:04.

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