Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Clear Creek Run

I lost an hour due to things that had to be attended to after work, and didn't get much of a run in this evening. Nonetheless, it was actually one of the smoother, pleasant runs I've done lately. The body felt good, and I was cruising along at my typical slow pace, but it felt effortless and ache-free.

I'm really yearning for a longer run after work. But now I'm battling the shorter days, which I notice have begun to grow rapidly shorter lately.

Distance was 4.64 miles, time 56:56 (moving 51:30), elevation gain/loss 89 feet, avg. pace 12:16 (moving 11:06), and best pace 8:12.

1 comment:

  1. The little white flowers are beautiful. I was on the trails at Lory yesterday and noticed a lot of white flowers along the trail; I wonder if these are the same (lots of purple ones, too). I gotta drag my wildflower book out and brush up on my flower identification again.

    Bleh - shorter days are what's worst about winter.