Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Mt Galbraith Jog

I ran near dusk at Mount Galbraith on the way home. Nice and deserted, except for a couple I saw on the top loop (I went the other way), and finally caught up with at the bottom. The dude was taking a wizz right next to the trail. Really, is that how other people do it? Personally I like a little privacy or even invisibility.

Although I didn't hesitate to stop and enjoy the evening, I felt pretty good just keep going on this trail. I remember when I used to gasp for air on this uphill, and although it's not nothing, it didn't really hit me like it used to.

Distance was 4.29 miles, time 1:02 (moving 52:24), elevation gain/loss 1,086 feet, avg. pace 14:37 (moving 12:13), and best pace 7:38.

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