Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Ralston Creek Run

I felt normal and actually had time to run on Friday. Trying to get back up in mileage per run. I must have been pretty serious, because all I have is this picture of some grapes from along the path:

There were two young guys shooting off guns for two hours near the bike path. I know it's your property, but really, it's a suburban neighborhood and there are people and houses around. And golfers. I ran down a side path and saw one of the shooters hiding in the bushes with his dog. Were they "playing war"? Shooting coyotes? I got the heck out of there so I didn't get shot. I can't imagine what the hell they were doing annoying their neighbors for that long. Lack of adult supervision? But the guy I saw was 20-something years old. No idea, but I'm glad I don't live next to them.

Distance was 8.54 miles, time 1:41 (moving 1:29), elevation gain/loss 246 feet, avg. pace 11:52 (moving 10:30), and best pace 1:56.

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