Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday House/Street Run

Yes, a house run.

After watching a ferocious rain storm at work, feeling lousy after work, and experiencing the rain and thunder when I stopped to check out running conditions later, I decided to call it off for running today. This afternoon on the west side of Denver there was rain and hail that competed with a hurricane, and I've been in a hurricane. Layers of hail, leaves, branches, and standing water pools were everywhere. It was nuts.

But I got home, and kind of as a joke I started jogging around my place, inside. Quietly. Kitchen > living room > bedroom and back. Hahaha.

That wasn't working (mileage didn't seem to be accurate), and the rain tapered off, so I laced up and did a short run outside, eventually heading uphill for a loop. Here's the crazy-ass track from my indoor jogging. It was only about 1/3 of a mile in 12 minutes:

It was nice outside. Cool, damp, but not chilly. I kept expecting to see coyotes coming down from the dark open spaces, but only saw lots of cars driving by from the school uphill. Must have been parent-teacher conferences tonight.

Recovery time:

Out-of-focus artsy shot of something mundane:

Distance was 4.36 miles, time 1:04 (moving 52:29), elevation gain/loss 304 feet, avg. pace 14:42 (moving 12:03), and best pace ~7:30.

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