Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Buffalo Creek Run

I felt great on the first half of this run including the 1,000-foot climb to the CO Trail, which happened at a good, steady pace, then things imploded and I suffered for the last half.

I must have overdone it on some street running this week, because the feet fell apart: fascia pain, heel pain, etc. I tried to stretch, but it was connective tissue so the pain was already there and it stuck. At least it didn't get any worse after about mile 17. It's just temporary; I'll take it easy tomorrow.

The last time I ran up Nice Kitty trail, I turned around at the top and ran back because weather was pretty bad. This time, I continued on along the Colorado Trail another 8+ miles to the Buffalo Trailhead (as opposed to the Buffalo Creek TH, which is where I parked and started my run).

There were lots of skid marks on the trail, so I carved some choice trail riding tips into the dirt with a stick, such as: "Learn To Ride" and "Out of Control". I forgot to write "Get Off My Lawn". But seriously, when I ride here, I don't want to ride in some idiot's skid marks, I want smooth trail. When I ride a mountain bike and ski, I can go fast, but I don't skid, I finesse that s**t!

On the ascent towards the Buffalo TH, the trail passed by some of Little Scraggy Peak, which is covered with the signature granite formations of this area. Very cool rocks up there. Lots of big boulders in the woods.

Water refill (filtered, of course):

On the Buffalo Creek Road, there's a monolithic rock on the south side with some very cool streaks and moss on it.

Part of my 7-mile death jog on the road. Energy was great, I just had too much discomfort to really enjoy what I was doing. I considered going up onto the plateau along Miller Gulch and coming down Sandy Wash, but there was thunder and pain.

Still, the weather was fantastic considering our rainy week.

The Japanese Hops have bloomed and are on the way out.

Distance was 22.10 miles, time 5:26 (moving 4:11), elevation gain/loss 2,186 feet, avg. pace 14:45 (moving 11:22), and best pace 6:48.

Thanks to vitamin I (IPA) the feet are feeling better. Tomorrow is another day, and all will be OK. I will wait until the AM to decide what I'm going to do.


  1. Nice run, surprisingly dry down there. Looks like you found the best trails within a reasonable drive yesterday!
    I agree on the mtb skidding -- I think you get a unique, rare appreciation through both riding and running a bunch. I also wonder about disc brakes vs. rim brakes -- now having much more stoppage, but perhaps harder for riders to modulate and let the tires slip appropriately.
    Kids these days: they get to jump right on fancy full suspension bikes and big fat skis, without having to learn the Traditional Ways of Old(TM)!

  2. Mike - The (granite) sandy soil of the foothills drains so well that the trails were in great condition. It would have been a great riding day too.

    Disc brakes: Frankly I can't remember ever flying over the handlebars on my 1979 road bike, and unfortunately I can't say the same thing about my MTB with disc brakes. Yeah, they stick.

    But the skids I often see are just dumb, like driving 50 mph through your neighborhood and being taken by surprise at every stop sign. AH! Screech! Zoom! AH! Screech! Zoom!...