Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Bear Creek Lake Run - Flood Edition

After a brief respite from rain on Saturday, it was back to the depressing, soaking drizzle and constant rain on Sunday.

I tried for a while to decide on a place to do my daily run, and eventually settled on the nearby Bear Creek Lake Park, which had reopened after being closed due to flooding. Bear Creek is several hundred feet downhill from me, so there's no real danger of overflow in my area, and the huge Bear Creek Lake gathers flood water from the mountains to protect Lakewood in general.

On a normal day, the area above is a 20-foot deep depression leading to the edge of the lake. Similar for the ravine below. The creek and road are beyond the trees, doubtless covered by many feet of water:

A park restroom (I think I'll stay away from this area for a while):

The big trees in this photo are not saplings, they are mature cottonwoods:

There were police cars driving around the park, and I was a bit nervous they would close the park gates due to the conditions, so I ran back to my car and left. This is Bear Creek closer to Morrison:

Run distance was 3.42 miles, time 55:38 (moving 41:11), elevation gain/loss 71 feet, avg. pace 16:16 (moving 12:03), and best pace 8:26.

My legs and feet did not feel great today, but they felt far better than at the end of the day Saturday. I think the stretching and massage paid off.

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