Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Green Mtn Boulder-Bear Canyon Run

Your trail running options are pretty good when Boulder Mountain Park is your "plan C" for the daily run.

The Indian Peaks looked a bit stormy for the length of run I was looking for, then so did Walker Ranch as "plan B". There was a girl in camouflage with a hunting bow at the trailhead (excuse me but doesn't mountain biker season start in October?). It turns out the area south of Walker Ranch Loop is open for hunting right now.

Anyway, I rolled back downhill, got some lunch at the Sun, and about an hour later parked it over near Chautauqua for a run into the hills. I'm not sure my burger, Thunderhead Stout, and XXX Pale Ale had fully metabolized by then, so I guess this was sort of a "beer Green". I figured I could hike if I had to.

This passes for a running trail out here:

Love this section above the ranger cabin, although I got "geezered" right here when some 60-something guy passed me when I stopped to take pictures. Of course I'm past 50 years so I'm not that much younger.

Made it from my car to the top via Gregory/Ranger in 1:09.

Trail running shrine:

Bear Peak from Green:

I ran down Green Bear and then down Bear Canyon. There were a couple of trail runners talking as they ran down, but they quickly left me in the dust. Man, that trail is infested with poison ivy! And I don't remember much of it, because I have not been on that trail in a while. The rocks are great though.

There was a runner walking over near NCAR, and I asked if he was OK. He said he was dehydrated after trying to run up Bear Peak from Chautauqua. I don't think he had any water at all. I let him drink my extra bottle's worth and he seemed otherwise in good condition so I took off. I bet next time he brings a bottle or two. Damn!

Distance was 10.33 miles, time 2:46 (moving 2:11), elevation gain/loss 2,792 feet, avg. pace 16:05 (moving 12:45), and best pace 7:38.

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