Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Mt Galbraith Run

On this run I stopped at the usual canyon trailhead, but there was a "Trail closed" sign posted on the access from the parking lot containing 10 empty cars, the occupants of which presumably disregarded the sign. The trail was washed out and the tiny footbridge over the usual trickle was all askew. I had no idea what the total extent of damage was, but I complied and drove back to the other trailhead on the city of Golden side (Nightbird Gulch trail), where one simply parks on a residential street. I actually like the residential trailhead, but I sometimes have to change clothes in my car after work and I'm a bit self-conscious, plus I just like the canyon lot.

The somewhat easy pace felt good. The trail is steep and rocky, but the feet felt fine and the effort smooth.

My home hill from a distance:

A zoom shot of South Table Mountain where I run frequently, with Castle Rock in the upper left. A trail is faintly visible near the center:

Right about here I passed a girl on the way up, about 10 minutes before sunset. She wanted to know how far the loop around the top was, I said about 1.5 miles (actually about 1.7), but I mentioned it was pretty rugged. I asked if she had a light, and she did. I said "Have fun!" and ran down. I kind of wonder how that went; it gets a bit spooky up in the hills after dark! Frickin' early sunsets...

Distance was 5.19 miles, time 1:23 (moving 1:08), elevation gain/loss 1,235 feet, avg. pace 16:11 (moving 13:11), and best pace 7:38.

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  1. The weather in September around here is typically just about perfect and the dwindling daylight is a good reminder to enjoy it while it lasts!