Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday... Rainy Day Off

I last took a day off in July, so I guess I was due. No run. Some of us went to Wynkoop with a work colleague from the Netherlands, and talked of Las Vegas, Honda Civics, BMWs (I sure as heck don't have one), motorcycles (ditto), bad laws, where to avoid getting in bar fights, feeding newborns, violas, viola cases for motorcycles, etc.


  1. Can you see this?

    Anyway, a rare intermittent waterfall at North Table Mtn. Looks like it would be great to see/photograph in person. Stay safe and dry!

  2. Mike - Thanks, and I might be able to check that out before the rain leaves (still falling, but no negative effects where I am). There's also a nearly year-round falls north of that where the Mesa Trail starts to descend, which is pretty cool.