Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Ralston Creek Run

The Ralston Creek basin had evidence of extreme overflows, with grass and weeds flattened a good 50 feet out from the actual creek. It must have been massively flooded last week. There were still some trail closures along the creek, so I ran through some streets, but by now water levels were almost normal.

Mud and gravel over the path:

Despite the dark, grainy photos, this was a really pleasant evening run, with calm weather and moderate temperatures (70?). I was appreciative of having the usual sunset skies instead of never-ending rain.

Sunset is 1 1/2 hours earlier than mid-summer, so it's dark by the time I'm done now. I'm also appreciative of a good headlamp, because darkness is only a minor inconvenience. I do get the occasional surprise from an animal.

Distance was 5.39 miles, time 1:08 (moving 1:02), elevation gain/loss 140 feet, avg. pace 12:43 (moving 11:34), and best pace 8:28.

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