Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Green Mtn Lakewood

This was a relaxed run up the neighborhood mountain. No, really. The mountain is moderate and I hiked anything slightly steep on the uphill, breaking into a relaxed run once I reached the rather flat summit loop on top. As always, a perfect Friday twilight trail run while everyone is seemingly at a late Happy Hour.

It always looks to me like I'm flying into an airport when I run down off this mountain. Same as when I drive down into Denver on I-70 or US-285.

No shining eyes in the dark (coyotes) while running down the ridge line this time, although I did encounter a late walker with a Cocker Spaniel, which also presented a set of two shiny eyes in the dark, and of which I was cautious for a moment. Hey, they both start with "c".

Distance was 5.45 miles, time 1:20 (moving 1:05), elevation gain/loss 1,002 feet, avg. pace 14:43 (moving 12:01), and best pace 7:11.

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