Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday North Table Short Run

Thursday was a day off from running. Friday was quite cool; a sunny day that nonetheless had the chill of autumn. I ran near dusk in shorts, a T-shirt, arm sleeves and gloves and I felt a hint of numbness in my hands (which tend to get cold easily). Snow remained on the surrounding mountaintops, and in shady spots on my trail run.

There are a two small ponds on the top of North Table that are present year-round. I've taken pictures here mostly on the premise that you can't tell the difference between sky and water, and it has a very surreal feeling. Not sure this photo really captures that, but it does have an odd look to it.

I like the solitary star/planet in the upper left. Venus? Jupiter?

By then, I was freezing my tuchus off up there, and was only too happy to descend back to my car, heated seats, and the drive home to have dinner. Brrr. It's going to take some getting used to this cool weather. And maybe a wardrobe change. I'm not one of those bare-chested cave-man runner types.

Distance was 3.86 miles, time 58:28 (moving 45:59), elevation gain/loss 659 feet, avg. pace 15:09 (moving 11:55), and best pace 8:09.

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