Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Bear Creek Lake/Mt Falcon Run

This was an archetypal bad weather run. And it was great.

I knew the forecast was for rain and snow, but armed with the right gear, I didn't care. In fact, I've had some of my most memorable runs in bad conditions.

Temp was 45, gear was shorts, T-shirt, long sleeves, arm warmers and I brought this North Face jacket for when it started raining/snowing. Assorted gear for the hands and head. Oh, and an eVent cap so my head would be dry. It gets a little clammy inside, but it's better than soaked, cold fabric.

Skies above Bear Creek canyon when I started uphill. Snow incoming!

By the time I got near the shelter, I think the snow had already started. When I turned back from the upper parking lot, it was turning to graupel.

On top, it was darn near a blizzard, with wind and snow stinging my face. It was a struggle to keep the hands warm up on the lookout tower.

It was time for a hasty retreat to lower elevations. But I was whooping it up and having a blast.

I felt kind of funny in my shorts, with hikers in full-on winter gear, but running generates the core heat to keep things bearable. Only my face and hands felt uncomfortable on top.

However, once I got down below the wind, the falling snow was nothing but beautiful.

Passed this mule deer harem on the way down and watched them for a short while. The amorous buck kept annoying his ladies, and they'd run away, preferring to have some dinner. Pretty amusing.

Red Rocks from Mount Falcon park:

Back down in town, it was also snowing, but there was no wind and temperatures were more mild.

Distance was 15.27 miles, time 3:42 (moving 3:00), elevation gain/loss 2,625 feet, avg. pace 14:35 (moving 11:49), and best pace 7:15.

The North Face jacket was darn near perfect: the venting on the back, sides and under the arms kept the insides totally dry. Impressed.


  1. Hello bipolar Colorado weather!
    Glad you bought that jacket - sounds like a winner!

  2. It's good to find gear that works. And while one hundred perfect bluebird sky runs may blend together and become one, a bad weather run sometimes provides an outing you'll remember.