Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Golden Gate Canyon Run

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, at a different mountain park. More aspens, more blue skies, more vertical, more chilly fingers and endurance. More bliss.

I think I'm changing the thumbnail picture size on my blog after a year or so. If you don't have fast enough Internet, sorry, but the 500-pixel images seemed small for the year 2013. I hope this works out OK for y'all. But honestly, although my readers are super, in the end I post mainly because I like seeing my photos and remembering the fun stuff I've done. And I hope you do too.

South and North Arapaho. I've summited the south peak (left):

The trail, straight up these rocks. Lol:

Distance was 15.10 miles, time 4:18 (moving 3:17), elevation gain/loss 3,253 feet, avg. pace 17:07 (moving 13:05), and best pace 7:11.

I ran short on energy on Saturday's run, so I consciously tried to keep up with nutrition on Sunday, eating something every half our or so. It seemed to work out better, and I didn't really feel the bonk I felt on Saturday. I was not blazing fast, but I kept going at a somewhat steady pace.

More important, I was whooping out loud like a kid the whole time. What a great day and a great run, and what a privilege to be able to even do this on my weekend off.

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