Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Golden Gate Canyon State Park Run

This was roughly the same route as 3 weeks ago -- at just a hair faster pace -- a tour of the west side of Golden State Canyon State Park. Again not too much fooling around, aside from gear changes, nutrition and photos. Still, running here always seems more laborious than usual, maybe because it occurs between 8,000 and 9,500 feet. Or maybe because it's just hilly.

I didn't realize until I got back and started looking at the photos that I'd captured the Devils Thumb trail area, include Mount Jasper (right) and Devils Thumb, a spire of rock just barely rising above the sloping ridge on the far left. That's some great running over there:

The next generation of pine trees:

Distance was 16.31 miles, time 4:34 (moving 3:39), elevation gain/loss 3,523 feet, avg. pace 16:48 (moving 13:26), and best pace 7:06.


  1. My favorite is the little pine tree nestled in the midst of the larger aspens (?). Pretty!

  2. Jill - Thanks, I like that one too.