Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Green Mt Lakewood Street Run

A wimpy night run after work. Still, it was relaxing and the snow made for some visual interest.

I was running around some sidewalks along a dark grassy hill, remembering other coyote encounters here, and right on cue, a lone coyote crested the hill and froze, staring at me. It reluctantly ran away -- possibly the one I encountered last week at night in the open space up near the houses in this photo:

I didn't run up into the open space, but it was pretty:

Distance was 3.08 miles, time 37:09 (moving 31:20), elevation gain/loss 297 feet, avg. pace 12:04 (moving 10:11), and best pace 7:23.


  1. Juuuust curious as to what settings you are playing with on the camera to get the late night shots like that.

  2. GZ - I usually shoot with exposure at -1, in Program mode (i.e. it chooses shutter speed). I also set the shutter timer to 2 wait seconds so I don't jiggle the camera by pressing the button. However, the main thing is probably using Adobe Lightroom after I download the photos, to lighten shadows and bring it back into line more with what the eye sees at night. The original images are sometimes nearly black.

  3. PS - The exposure of -1 is really for daytime, to keep clouds and skies not get blown out and pure white. I just left it that way for night because I know I can lighten it afterwards.