Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Green Mtn Boulder via Bear Canyon

According to the latest OSMP map, Bear Canyon/Green Bear still seems to be the only officially open route to the top of Green from the east, so that's the route I took. Started at NCAR, which was very busy; lots of hikers doing short outings and taking photos. Once I got through that, it was smooth sailing.

Footing in snowy Bear Canyon is a bit dicey but still runnable. Every once in a while I'd have to slow down for ice on top of a rock while I found a better place to step. Also lots of big rocks in the trail up higher where there's erosion from the fall rains.

I guess this photo looks pretty plain if you don't run trails, but there's something about a stretch of singletrack in the hills, especially if you've just been in cold shadows for the last 1/2 hour:

Bear and South Boulder peaks:

Green Bear is desirable for being on the sunny side at the time of day that I prefer to run: afternoon. It honestly felt like a moderate summer day, it was fantastic. T-shirt and shorts.

I really like that trail; I was able to keep a steady jog the entire way from the canyon to the base of the Green summit area. It barely feels like climbing.

Coming down out of Bear Canyon. It wasn't this dark looking at the ground, but it does give you an idea of why it shelters ice and snow:

Distance was 11.18 miles, time 2:43 (moving 2:19), elevation gain/loss 2,576 feet, avg. pace 14:38 (moving 12:26), and best pace 6:07.


  1. People have grumbled about the Bear Canyon reroutes that have taken place over the last few years - making the trail a "ramp" - but this roadie guy gone trail likes it.

  2. Darn, just missed you. I ran that way around 10:30ish. It was a really nice day.


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