Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday Chatfield 1-Lap Run

It was around 60 degrees and sunny at the res, but the golds of fall have given way to the bare branches and browns of winter. No more leaves, no more shade. But on a day when shade means chill, that's OK.

Halfway around the reservoir, and only 1/4 of my water is gone (I had second bottle). That's not worth blogging about, basically I liked the light shining through the yellow bottle. You can tell from the scratches that my bottles have a few miles on them.

15 miles may be nothing to some runners, but for me it tests my hydration and energy usage. Do I need something to eat? Will my water last? And sadly, even at 10-minute pace (average), it took a lot of effort just to keep the leg turnover going.

Looking back over the dam towards the west:

They are still working on the bike path between the marina and the park headquarters. Again, I dropped down to the waterfront to run along the beach. I can pretend I'm along the ocean if I try.

As always with waves and water, it's very relaxing. The only downside is the water level is higher than the last time I did this, and I was struggling to find a tiny strip of shoreline to run on, with steep dirt banks on the left. I ended up just running into the water again. It was colder than in the summer.

Distance was 15.58 miles, time 2:49 (moving 2:37), elevation gain/loss 379 feet, avg. pace 10:52 (moving 10:06), and best pace 7:08.

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