Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Green Mtn Lakewood x 2

I ran morning and night on Thursday, sandwiched between two somewhat stressful work days. I don't seem to be able to get in the mileage I want before work, at least not yet. So this week I've been doing small extra runs to supplement in the evening or at lunch.

Longs Peak and Pagoda Mountain (to the lower left of center):

Green Mountain in Lakewood appears plain and uninteresting from a distance, but there's a poetry to the many ridges and folds that becomes apparent up close.

In the evening, I encountered a coyote in the dark -- manifested as two shiny eyes -- and it reluctantly headed uphill to avoid me. It howled for a good half hour after I left. I wonder if it objected to my intrusion on "its" territory and needed to re-assert itself, or if it was going to howl anyway.

Distance was 11.89 miles, time 2:32:51, elevation gain/loss 1,491 feet, and average speed 4.7 mph.


  1. Wow, nice shot of Longs. I didn't know you could get that vantage from Green.

  2. Thanks. You can, but it takes a decent zoom.