Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Mary Jane Ski

I lucked out and caught the news that the ropes were dropping at Mary Jane on Wednesday, and had luckily taken the day off. I hurriedly got dressed and hit the road, and made the chair just before 11 AM.

Conditions were pretty good for Thanksgiving, especially considering MJ often isn't even open until December. As usual, there were the early-season rocks and the tops of pine tree saplings sticking up through the snow, but other than that, skiing was quite good. I give thanks for that.

Skies at Berthoud Pass:

Distance was 22.32 miles, time 4:21 (moving 2:45), elevation gain/loss 11,699 feet, avg. speed 5.1 mph, and max speed 39.0 mph, for 7 laps. A short day, but it's early.

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