Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Green Mtn Lakewood Run

First day of winter, December 21st. It felt like it.

Since my first season of running all through the winter in 2011, then after the winter of whimping out in 2012 where I didn't run much, I'm back on a middle course of getting out if it's not heinously bad and I want to run. I'm pushing the envelope this season by running in light clothing whenever it's sensible to do so. In December that meant a lot of running in shorts with  some kind of wind jacket and head and hand protection. I find that shorts are good down to freezing if the wind is calm. Tights get a little hot.

Which is how I found myself running in shorts in snowfall on the top of a windy hill. Just keep moving.

There were a couple of mountain bikers out, and I asked one of them whether Rooney Valley trail was open all the way down (it was closed after the floods and I hadn't been on it since then). "It was last week" he said -- ah, a regular -- so I headed down.

I encountered hikers with a dog near here. The snow was stinging my face a little.

Still, I enjoy being out there and seeing the hill under different conditions. I was actually pretty comfortable except for my face where the snow had melted and chilled my skin. I kept wiping it off.

Distance was 8.72 miles, time 1:51 (moving 1:37), elevation gain/loss 1,703 feet, avg. pace 12:49 (moving 11:07), and best pace 6:52.


  1. Good to see you catching up. I love the photo stuff as always. All the best Jeff.

  2. George! Happy holidays man. Yeah, I'm sittin' in Durango catching up on stuff. And doing things that will require catching up on yet more stuff. heh.