Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Purgatory Ski Day

Western Colorado has been dry for a bit -- no snow for 8 days now in Durango -- but the north-facing slopes of Purgatory's backside lifts were still fun, and the views of The Needles are still great.

It was black bumps all day, with one double-black (Lower Bull Run) that was, in fact, pretty steep at one point. Not so much skiing as skidding down ten feet at a time. Reminded me of S1 in Aspen.

Distance was 26.07 miles, time 5:17 (moving 4:23), elevation gain/loss 15,170 feet, avg. speed 4.9 mph, and max speed 34.2 mph.


  1. It's fun to look at your stats here and pretend that you ran that! :)
    Happy New Year - looking forward to your pictures in 2014!

  2. Jill - Happy New Year to you as well. And I look forward to doing the things the provide the pictures!


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