Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Bear Creek Lake Park Run

Contrary to the perfect weather of the prior day, Sunday was a bit more variable with scattered clouds, strong winds, and my run finally ended with dropping temps and snow rolling in just to the north. I was glad I had a shell, hat and gloves. It was barely enough.

I seem to have found an objective measure of the water height during the late summer flooding. Below is debris at what I assume was the high point of the water, at around 5609 feet elevation. According to Google Earth, the lake surface is at 5559 feet. So the water was about 50 feet above normal. The dam (mostly off-screen to the left) is 150 feet high.

About 2/3 of the way around the park, I could see snow falling to the east, the temperature was falling, and the wind was picking up. 10 minutes later, it was snowing on Green Mountain.

Distance was 8.64 miles, time 1:51 (moving 1:32), elevation gain/loss 546 feet, avg. pace 12:56 (moving 10:39), and best pace 7:40.


  1. I was there last week and the water seemed really high and I avoided the 3 water crossings because I was afraid of the fast moving waters. May try to head out there on Friday, if it's not covered in 2' of snow. Great run! :)

  2. Brr, those creek crossings would be chilly this time of year!

  3. Those are some beautiful pictures. Would never get tired of running if that was the view.